RV / Boat Storage

Finding space for your RV, trailer, or boat can be a challenge. Few people have enough room to accomodate such a large vehicle, and depending on your neighborhood, may face grief from homeowners associations. When you need RV / Boat storage, Night Owl is here to help.

RV / Boat Storage Benefits

An RV is not easy to make room for. Most garages can't accomodate these large vehicles. You can use your driveway, but even that can be a stretch, leaving very little room for you personal vehicles. At Night Owl, we understand the unique needs for RV / Boat storage and versatile storage solutions as a result. Night Owl customers enjoy:

  • Easy 24/7 access
  • Organized, numbered spots
  • Security features including security cameras and electronic gate access
  • Flexible lease terms such as month-to-month for long term or temporary RV storage
Outdoor Storage

RV / Boat Storage FAQ

What is RV / Boat storage?

RV / Boat storage is a great option for those who want to free up space on their property, or who simply don't have the square footage to keep an RV or Boat on their lot. At 25 to 35 feet long, RV's can take up alot of space! Put your RV or Boat in storage and make room for a new playground for the kids or a new shed for your tools!

How much does it cost to rent a spot?

Our spots start at $40/month.

What do I need to rent a spot with you?

We require a valid ID, the Registration / Title and Proof of Insurance of the RV / Boat AT THE TIME OF MOVE IN in the same name of the person renting the spot.

How to prepare an RV / Boat for long-term storage?

With many different types of RV's and Boats out there, preparing yours for storage could be different depending on the features of your specific model. Always follow your manufacturer's recommendations. Once you've found your storage space, some general tips to prep for long-term storage are to:
  • Remove all food items
  • Remove any valuables
  • Clean the exterior and interior
  • Pest control and repair damage
  • Protect pipes and fixtures from freezing
  • Disconnect and remove the battery and store in a safe place; remove any other batteries that may be used in your RV or Boat
  • Cover your RV / Boat or at least the parts that are susceptible to rodents such as the furnace, outlets, water heater and refrigerator
  • Cover tires to protect from UV light

Is there anything I can't store in my outdoor spot?

Unfortunately, yes there is. We ask that you only park the RV / Boat you registered with us in your spot, and do not use your spot to store firewood or any extra small trailers, etc. that you thought might fit and go unnoticed by us. Trust us, they won't.