Size Guide

Below you'll find a storage unit calculator,
measurements and some useful tips while storing your items with us.

Storage Calculator

With this storage calculator, the next step is simple. Once you know which items you want to store, you'll be able to use the menus below to select them. Whether you're looking for a small or large space, this helpful tool will show you the right unit size for your needs!

Bed, King Size
approximately 70 cubic feet
Bed, Double Size
approximately 55 cubic feet
Bed, Single
approximately 40 cubic feet
Bed, Bunk (set of 2)
approximately 70 cubic feet
Dresser, Chest of Drawers
approximately 30 cubic feet
Cedar Chest
approximately 15 cubic feet
Ironing Board
approximately 10 cubic feet
Side Tables
approximately 10 cubic feet
Wardrobe Boxes (30 hangers)
approximately 10 cubic feet
approximately 10 cubic feet

Size Suggestion

To receive a size suggestion, select the items you wish to store.


Unit Sizes

Choosing the right storage unit size is always super important, and at Night Owl we try to make it as easy as possible! Listed below you'll find every size that we currently offer in addition to useful measurements and tips on each size!
5x10 Storage Unit
5×10 Storage Unit
Door Opening: 3'6"×7' Ceiling Height: 8'

Our 5×10 units are perfect for anyone looking to find a new place for their things that don't have a spot at home anymore. Or, you need to store them until that perfect spot presents itself. A 5×10 storage unit is up to 400 cubic feet of space. Large enough to fit the contents of a studio apartment or a small one-bedroom apartment.
10x10 Storage Unit
10×10 Storage Unit
Door Opening: 8'×7' Ceiling Height: 8'

Our 10×10 units are the next step up for when you still have a lot to store but have run out of space at home. These spacious units are up to 800 cubic feet of space. They're large enough to fit the contents of a two-bedroom apartment, or some of your basic household items like a washer / dryer, TV, etc.
10x15 Storage Unit
10×15 Storage Unit
Door Opening: 8'×7' Ceiling Height: 8'

Our 10×15 units are ideal for moving apartments and small office spaces, and for storing furniture or other large items. A 2-bedroom apartment should fit in the space these units provide. Home furnishings like couches, dressers, and appliances fit great. They're also a good option for home gym equipment and other large items.
10x20 Storage Unit
10×20 Storage Unit
Door Opening: 8'×7' Ceiling Height: 8'

Our 10×20 units can fit the contents of a multi-room house, including king-size bedroom sets, dressers, mattresses plus boxes and totes. These units are also great for seasonal vehicle or ATV storage!

Tips For Storing With Us

While providing padding for your stored goods is important, there's more to protecting your belongings than surrounding them with a protective layer. Here's some tips to help you prevent damage to your stored belongings:

  • Do not store anything flammable (such as paint or other chemicals.)
  • Do not store anything perishable.
  • Do not store any hazardous or combustible materials.
  • Drain any fluids prior to storing snow blowers, lawnmowers and other equipment.
  • Concrete floors draw moisture, so place stored items on a pallet or shelf to raise them off the floor.
  • Place moisture absorbers such as packets of silica gel or DampRid around the storage unit to help control moisture and humidity.